Notices of proposals and making traffic orders

Please accept this as a request under the FOI Act.
This request is in relation to the ‘Devon County Council (Various Streets, Teignmouth)
(Waiting Restrictions) Amendment Order 2017 and relates to two provisions that are
contained in that order, those being:
Schedule 4.060 Limited Waiting 8am-6pm 1 Hour No Return Within 1 Hour
Ivy Lane, Teignmouth
the north west side from a point 56.5 metres east of the western boundary wall of
Nos. 7 Ivy Lane for a distance of 13.5 metres in a north-easterly direction.
and under the same schedule:
Northumberland Place, Teignmouth
the west side from a point 10 metres south of its junction with Queen Street for a
distance of 63 metres in a south-easterly direction.

The request is for such documents that are defined in the ‘Local Authorities’ Traffic
Orders (Procedures) (England) Regulations 1996′, and those documents are:
(a)as defined in Part 2 Reg 7 of those regulations and called a ‘Notice of Proposals’
(b)as defined in Part 3 Reg 17 of those regulations and called a ‘Notice of Making’

These 2 notices as requested above are required by the same regulations to be kept on
deposit and made available for public inspection.

If it is the case that there are no such documents as requested I would expect the
response to this FOI to say so, and if such be the case I request a copy of any such
‘Notice of Proposals’ and/or ‘Notice of Making’ relating to any traffic amendment order that
makes reference to the two detailed proposals. This of course is not applying to consolidation
orders because no such notices are required.

I further request the date and where or in what manner such notices were publicised.


Please find Devon County Council’s response available via the link below: