North Walk, Lynton – Traffic Regulation Order

I am making a FOI request in respect of Traffic Regulation Order Ref IMR/B17851 Website Ref 5643 in respect of a 10 ton limit on a bridge along North Walk, Lynton, Devon.
The Applicant is stated as Devon County Council. I believe there may have been individuals or an organisation who have instigated this application and I seek to know who contacted the Council over this issue and/or with whom the council consulted prior to submitting this application

Devon County Council were contacted in 2016 by the owners of the bridge, with concerns over the size of vehicles using the structure. This identified that a weight limit assessment had been undertaken by DCC in the mid 2000’s which had not been followed up. As a result of this, the Devon County Council have since been progressing a suitable weight restriction traffic regulation order.
Informal consultation has been undertaken with the owners of the structure, the local county councillor and chair of the North Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee, prior to the current statutory consultation