North Devon Link Road

I would like to know the cost of the work done in relation to one element the North Devon Link Road Improvements works carried out over the winter of 2018 / 2019. That element is the ‘Whitnage Road Embankment’ and the ‘Uplowman Road embankment’ as outlined in the plan drawn up by consultant ecologist Richard Green Ecology.

Devon County Council do not hold the data on these specific items due to the nature of the construction contract under which these works were carried out. These works were carried out at the same time as other works which needed traffic management and operatives carrying other duties in the immediate vicinity during this operation.  The cost of the work associated with securing the dormice licence from Natural England without which we could not carry out the work is not feasible to separate out from the other requirements for the scheme

However, by way of advice and assistance, we can provide you with an estimate of £17000.  Whilst we do stress that this is only an estimate, this cost estimate includes carrying out the work under traffic management, excavation and disposal of materials to suitable tip, ecological advice and supervision of the works, scarifying of selected areas, vegetation management and removal of unsuitable invasive plants off site.