Non-Road Mobile Machinery

How many types of Non-Road Mobile Machinery (including outdoor blowers, pedestrian lawnmowers, chainsaws, grass trimmers) are in your inventory (or your grounds maintenance contractors) in 2018?

Since 2014 the majority of our grounds maintenance work has been carried out by Devon Norse on a contractual basis. We do not hold information about all the types of non-road mobile machinery they use but understand the types include mowers and hedge trimmers and strimmer’s.

Devon County Council has one directly employed grounds officer working on two sites in Exeter. Their equipment is listed on the attached spreadsheet.

How many of these are powered by petrol or lithium-ion battery power?*
*If answered non, what are the specific reasons for not having any lithium-ion powered NRMM in your inventory?

None. Some of the devices are too old for the technology to have been readily available.

What is the average costs of NRMM in your inventory?

Approximately. £630.00

What are the manufacturers of these machines?

See attached spreadsheet

What are the average engine sizes of these machines?

See attached spreadsheet

How many of these are 2-stroke combustion engines?


What is the average age of these machines?

Approximately 9 Years

What is the oldest petrol equipment in your inventory?

The Scarifier

How many litres of petrol are on average are consumed by these machines per year?

Approximately 30 litres

How often are these machines routinely maintained and checked against manufacture emissions standards?

See attached spreadsheet

How many schools and health trusts facilities are maintained using 2-stroke engine equipment?

Devon County Council does not provide grounds maintenance to schools or health trusts; therefore, this information is not held