Noise Complaints


“Please could you provide the full list of noise complaints made to the Council from 1st Jan 2015 up to, and including, August 2017, broken down into the following categories

  • Number of complaints during the specified period of time, broken down by category and month e.g 60 x Out of Hours noise – music from club/pub/restaurant in July 2016
  • List of, and quantity of, all action that has been taken as a result of the noise complaint e.g 10 x warning, 5 x noise abatement order issued, 20 x no action taken
  •  Full list of fines issued due to breaks of a ‘noise abatement order’ (broken down by number of fines and monetary value of each fine).”



Please note that Devon County Council (DCC) is not responsible for environmental health services and, as such, would not deal with complaints about noise or statutory nuisance.

This function falls under the remit of District and Unitary councils in Devon.  Please contact them directly using the information on the links provided to obtain this information.