Nitrites in School Dinners

“I would like to know whether state schools within your County Council area serve:

a) nitrite-cured ham in their school meals and

b) other processed meats containing nitrites in their school meals, including but not limited to bacon, salami or chorizo.”

Devon schools have the option to procure meals from Devon Norse, deliver schools meals ‘in house’ or use an alternative catering company.

Devon County Council (DCC) only holds data for those schools that procure meals from Devon Norse and PFI schools.

The answer to both the above questions is ‘yes’.

The current Devon Norse menu includes one gammon product that includes nitrites.

Other than Gammon and Bacon (no bacon is currently featured on the menu, although it has previously and will feature on future menus), Devon Norse do not use any processed meats such as chorizo or salami.  All meat is red tractor as a minimum standard to comply with Gold and Silver Food For Life (FFL) accreditation.  Processed meats such as salami and chorizo do not meet the FFL criteria, so are not used.

Some schools will also use red tractor sliced ham where sandwiches are offered.

School food menus are fully compliant with school food standards and the bronze Food for Life Catering Mark.