Newton Road / Torquay Road upgrade plans

I would like to request information regarding the upgrading of Newton Road/ Torquay Road following the opening of the new Kingskerswell bypass.
Specifically I would like information on why the plans were altered from those that were passed by cabinet in 2015. PTE/15/46 9th September 2015.
I would like information you hold on:

The process that was followed.

The proposals were approved by Cabinet on the 9th September 2015, with powers delegated to the Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment be authorised, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Highways and Flooding and the local County Councillor, to make minor amendments to the scheme. As a result of two independent Road Safety Audits, feedback from Key stakeholders and information identified through the detailed design process, a number of changes were made. Key milestones in the process were as follows:-
Feedback received from Parish Council asking for alteration to Water Lane and parking – 14th September 2015
Road Safety Audit stage 1 – 22nd October 2015
Presentation of revised proposals to Kingskerswell Parish Council – 23rd May 2016
Presentation of revised proposals to Kingskerswell Primary School – 24th May 2016
Approval to advertise Traffic Regulation Orders – July 2016
Formal consultation on Traffic Regulation Orders associated with the design changes – August 2016
Approval of Traffic Regulation Orders – September 2016
Road Safety Audit Stage 2 – 4th October 2016
HATOC consideration of changes to Southey lane Junction – 3rd November 2016

Copies of the road safety audits referred to above can be read in full via the link below.   The names of the employees of the independent company have been removed as they do not have a reasonable expectation of their names being made public and it would therefore be unfair to make their names public and a breach of the first data protection principle.   Their names are therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Road Safety Audits

The justification for each of the changes.

This justification can be found in the audits and a summary of the changes which is included in the link above.

Who were the decision makers for the changes

We can confirm that formal decisions were recorded by Cllr Dewhirst and Cllr Hughes to advertise the Traffic Regulation Orders and to implement the Traffic regulation orders in July and September 2016.

Details of consultation with the Engineers, Councils, Public bodies and the General public.

See the timeline above and the consultation was carried out with the Parish council and the School as well as formal consultation through advertisement of Traffic regulation Orders. Plans were also published on the project web-page.

The financial implications of the changes.

No formal costs estimate comparing the final scheme with the Cabinet report scheme has been carried out.