New Tavistock primary school


1. What plans does Devon County Council have in hand take possession of the Education Land at The Tors development?

Devon County Council has no immediate plan to take possession of the school site but the section 106 agreement sets out the parameters in terms of calling for the land. We are required to serve written notice either within 10 years after the occupation of the 200th dwelling or before 95% of the dwellings are occupied (whichever is the earlier).

2. How much will the proposed primary school cost to construct?

We do not hold information on the project costs to construct the school.

3. How much has been obtained from developers?

Section 106 contributions in the region of £2.5 million subject to indexation have been secured through s106 Agreements for primary school infrastructure in Tavistock.

4. What is the programme for building this school?

We currently have no programme to deliver the school due to projected surplus capacity within existing town schools.

5. How much will have to be repaid to the developers on the basis of this programme?

Please see our response to question 4. However, until section 106 is paid, we will not know the trigger date for repayment.

6. Who will make up the financial shortfall?

Please see our response to question 2.

7. I ask the County Council to produce all documentation, including electronic documentation, relating to the justification for 320 homes in the Tors Development and 166 homes in the proposed Plymouth Road development being exempted from making an Education payment.

This information is available via the link below:

Tors Development