New Road Bideford Pothole Information

I would like to see written evidence of the inspections taken place of the pothole situated on New Road outside Bideford library or within a few yards of Bideford library on the carriageway as you approach Bideford from Torrington direction.

Please see Report for Defects

I’d also like written evidence of when the pothole was brought to the council’s attention and by whom

Please see Report for Enquiries

I’d like to see written evidence of the repair order that was issued to the contractor for it’s repair. I’d also like the name of the contractor and details of who the order was sent to

Please see Defect Report This was passed to Skanska electronically via I-Ways, to Skanska’s works management system, at which point it will have entered a holding area for scheduling out to a gang.

With regards to the report on the 13th Feb 2020, which we believe was against W201307680, this was closed by a triage inspector on the 18th Feb as a duplicate of an existing repair instruction with Skanska that was identified on a normal highway safety inspection on the 10th February – this one was D51-30323-2. And was within timescales for repair (7 days) at the point the claimant had their incident.