National Transfer Scheme – unaccompanied asylum seeking children

1. Is your authority participating in the National Transfer Scheme for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASCs)?


2. Under the National Transfer Scheme, local authorities have been asked to increase the number of UASCs in their care to a threshold equating to 0.07% of their total child population. What would this number be in your area?

One hundred (100)

3. Have you agreed to support this number of UASCs in principle? If not, please provide the total number of UASCs your authority has indicated it would be willing to support.

Yes, if required.

4. What is the number of UASCs in your care as of 23 March 2017?

Twenty (20) as of 24/03/2017.

5. How many UASCs have you accepted under the National Transfer Scheme as of 23 March 2017?