Monitoring data for peak period traffic

A meeting of Devon County Council’s Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee is due to take place on 18 January 2021 as per

Item six on the agenda refers to a report by the Head of Planning, Transportation and Environment which includes assessment of the impact of a point closure on Wonford Road as part of the E9 cycle route.

Please provide all the monitoring data referred to above, including all the data that was used to compile the “data” section of the report, in particular the peak period traffic counts and vehicle flow and speed data, and any other data that may also have been used to make the quoted change comparison statements, including those referred to as collected in June, before the closure was implemented.

Here is a copy of the monitoring data and summary of the speed/volume count undertaken In December. The data is for Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th December showing both traffic flow, and speeds. The speed information is put into 5mph bands.

The numbers in the HaTOC report come from the bespoke software we use to validate raw data. There can sometimes be very minor difference in the way our traffic count database assesses the raw data, so the spreadsheet data from that sometimes produce very slightly different speeds (the difference is ~ 1mph).

The monitoring data shows the cycle and vehicle counts we have been doing regularly since June, showing-


pedestrian and cycle and

vehicle count numbers.

Please note that these counts are undertaken to the east of the Nuffield entrance, so the vehicle numbers includes a significant number going into the Nuffield (about 60% of the recorded car movements).