Mobile working

1. What is the number of Full Time Equivalent staff employed by the Council?

This information is available online at

2. How many mobile devices (e.g. smart phones / tablets) are owned/managed by the Council?

Approximately 3,300

3. Who is you mobile phone carrier/device provider?


4. Who is your preferred/incumbent reseller for software?

Software Box Limited

5. What email Exchange server are you running? Is this on-premise or Cloud hosted?

We have a Hybrid solution during a migration to Exchange Online

6. What is your budget for mobile working? What is the split of this between hardware and software?

Devon County Council (DCC) do not hold a budget specifically defined as mobile working and therefore do not hold this information.

7. Where are ICT purchasing decision taken / who are the key decision makers?

ICT purchasing decisions are driven by DCC’s ICT Strategy, business demand and contract renewal dates. Decision makers will vary depending on the business area, the cost and complexity on the ICT Service being purchased.

8. Who would be the best initial contact for mobile & ICT Projects?

Relevant contact details will be provided against opportunities published on

9. What Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are you using? When is the renewal next due ?

Intune.  Any future renewals would be published on the website referred to above.

10.What mass communications / crisis communications tools are in use? When is the renewal next due?

Everbridge. Any future renewals would be published on the website referred to above

11.Who do you currently use for penetration testing / ICT health checks? When are vendor evaluations next scheduled for?

No contract for a specific vendor in place, we go to market when a penetration test or PSN IT Health Check is required. No vendor evaluations are scheduled at this time.

12.What files-sharing solutions / collaboration tools are in use? When are these next due for evaluation?

We are currently rolling out Office365 to the organisation, therefore we are using native file sharing / collaboration tools within this suite. A review on this is not expected  at this time.

13.What other IM solutions are in use (e.g. WhatsApp / BBMe/ Skype for Business)? When are these next due for evaluation?

Skype as part of our Skype for Business on premise UC services. A review on this is not expected at this time.