Mobile phone apps

  • The amount spent on the development of mobile applications by the council during each of the last 3 years


Devon County Council does not hold this information. Please see the further explanation below.



  • The number of mobile applications the council has had developed during each of the last 3 years



Highways procured a Highway Management System through the DCC tender process in 2013/14 & commenced 1st July 2014.


The tender specification was to provide a fully integrated future proofed management system to cover all core Highway Services & supplementary systems, that was to be externally hosted by the software supplier & fully web enabled. This is a 7 year contract.



  • Who the council used to develop apps during the last 3 years – internal / external. If external which organization(s)?



With respect to the Highway Management System, the company that won the contract was WDM Ltd.


The development of the web applications within this management system continue to be developed & all costs were included in the contract cost. The cost of this contract is £1,300,000.00 over an initial term of 5 years.


A further breakdown of cost is not available, as Devon County Council do not hold this information. The total cost is to deliver the requirements as set out within the ITT specification and is not broken down into support, maintenance, externally hosting, development etc.


Devon County Council therefore does not hold the information with regard to the cost of development of mobile applications.