Mobile App Development

What mobile app development platform/s is used by your authority?

We do not use a mobile app development platform, therefore we do not hold this information.

If Answer to Q1 is “don’t currently have one”, does your authority have plans to procure/use a mobile app development platform in the near or distant future?

Devon County Council (DCC) are preparing to go to market for a low code platform.  We anticipate the platform will provide the capability to create mobile apps if required.

What mobile apps does your authority currently provide / use for:

a/ Internal processes ?

b/ External citizen use ?


What mobile apps is your authority planning on developing / using in the future to assist with its transformational agenda for either internal or external use ?

We are not planning to use or develop any mobile apps to assist with our transformational agenda.

Has your authority standardised on a specific mobile operating system for the provision of smartphones and tablets i.e. Android / IOS.

DCC is moving from Windows Mobile phones to a choose your own device offer which will include iOS and Android.

Does your authority operate or have plans to introduce a Bring your own device (BYOD) policy for smartphones / tablets.

There are plans to introduce BYOD in the future where it is appropriate and safe to do so.