Mirrors on Highways Policy

“Please could you provide comprehensive details of Devon County Council’s Mirrors on Highways Policy; when it was instituted, revised and appraised etc.”                                                                                                                                 

Devon County Council (DCC) do not have a policy in relation to Mirrors on Highways, however, the Traffic Management Team developed a position statement for use in response to public inquiries in 2019 as follows:-

“DCC will not allow the use of mirrors on the public highway because experience shows that mirrors can increase safety risks, which include;

–       reflected light and interference with a driver’s vision

–       reduced ability to judge an oncoming vehicle’s speed

–       creating an unreasonable dependence on the mirror

–       if dirty, the mirror may distort or restrict the view

–       mirrors may be a target for vandals.

Other solutions may be available, for example cutting back vegetation or realigning boundary fences.”