Mid Devon District Council

1. When precisely was this advice provided to MDDC?

Advice for this site would have been provided pre September 2013 as they appear in the SHLAA (Strategic Land Allocation Assessment) documents of that date, MDDC (Mid Devon District System) may have record of correspondence

2. Was the advice provided in response to a request from MDDC officers? If so, when was the request made?

The advice would have been on the request of MDDC as Local Planning Authority as part of the SLAA process

We do not know when the request was made

3. The DCC advice specifically concerns access to ‘higher town’. In at least one place in their summary (page 149), MDDC cites DCC as supporting the higher town access as solution for perceived problems of ‘dangerous/unsatisfactory vehicular access to the site’.

Is DCC supporting a vehicular access onto Higher Town (as the road is correctly spelled)?


4. Has DCC made any statement about pedestrian and cyclist access to the village by road named ‘Turnpike’?

Not as part of the SHLAA process but we have asked an applicant to look at the delivery of safe access from Turnpike and are awaiting a design response.

5. Why is ‘this change … supported by Devon County Council’? (I am sure the support is reasonable, but precise reasons and context eg about whether the DCC support is limited to access onto Higher Town are not given by MDDC’s summary).

We do not hold this information

6. May I have a copy of the correspondence that led to the offering of this advice (including a copy of the full response sent to MDDC)?

We do not hold this information

7. Please provide details of where I can access the two documents whose design standards are referred to at the end of the quotation above, i.e. Devon design guide and Manual for streets.

Devon design guide can be found on the Devon County Council Web site link attached. https://www.devon.gov.uk/planning/apply-for-planning-permission/get-help-with-an-application/guidance-for-applicants. The other document will be Manual for streets

8. In order to help me understand how the guidance in those two documents is best understood, please explain what categorisation of road is appropriate for ‘Higher Town’ and ‘Turnpike’?

For the volumes of traffic in the planning application “Access roads and shared surface Cul-de-sac would be appropriate for Higher town and Turnpike.