Maintenance Records and Flooding, Teignmouth

“Regarding the maintenance work to the drainage systems in the area of 2 Broad Leaf Park, Teignmouth, Devon TQ14 8LS.

As such, we should be very grateful if you would kindly provide us with the following information as matter of urgency:

1) All maintenance records for the highway drainage at Woodland Avenue between 2008 and 2017

Cyclic gully cleansing operations have taken place during this period in accordance with Devon County Council (DCC) policies at the time – the works orders to our contractors were centrally raised countywide instructions, so no specific works instructions are available for Woodlands Avenue. The records available of the instructions are attached

The cleansing frequency for gullies between 2008 and 31st March 2014 was one annual clean.

From 1st April 2014 to present day, The Council operates a tri-annual clean (once every three years) on urban gullies.

Links to the available gully inspection records for Woodland Avenue are provided below (please copy and paste links into your browser):-

Skanska Gully Cleaning:

Copies of works instructions issued centrally for routine gully cleaning provided below:-





2) All documents and records showing that work (if any) had been carried out after the May 2008 report provided by Teignbridge District Council relating to Flooding at Number 11 and 13 of Woodland Avenue, Teignmouth;

No records are held of the Teignbridge District Council report. The County Council normally only holds document records for 5 years in line with our Records Retention policies.

The records for highway inspections and customer reports in Woodland Avenue since January 2008 are provided below:-

Customer Reports –

Maintenance Records:-

Please note that this includes all highway issues; it is not possible to filter the data for drainage and flooding issues only.

3) All reports, studies and proposals (if any) relating to the improvement of the drainage after the 2016 flooding in the area (Woodland Avenue and Broad Leaf Park).”

Following the flooding in 2016, investigations were carried out which resulted in our consultants (Jacobs) being asked to design and deliver a drainage improvement scheme.

The works were completed on site very recently and scheme drawings are provided below:-