Maintenance History and Complaints, A3079 Halwill

1. Please provide copies of the information that you hold in connection with the inspections, maintenance and remedial works carried out on the stretch of Highway known as the A3079 from its junction with the A386 and Halwill Junction between 1st of April 2019 and the 30th of March 2020. 

The A3079 is a Category 4 County Primary Route, inspected monthly.  Details of inspections, maintenance and remedial works carried out and also customer reports / complaints are provided via the links below:-

Inspections, Maintenance and Remedial Works

Customer Reports / Complaints – Page 33 of this report relates to tracking number W201313223 (please see response to question 3 below for further information).

 2. Please provide information concerning the number of pothole complaints, sometimes referred to as Problem Tracking and individual locations made by the public on the same stretch of highway in the same period.

We have searched through our complaints systems and are unable to identify any formal complaints relating to potholes on this stretch of road. There is, however, an enquiry from an MP which suggests that there have been reports of potholes in the area.  Details of this are provided here.

We have therefore interpreted the term ‘complaint’ in this question to refer to the reporting of potholes by members of the public, details of which are available via the Customer Reports / Complaints links provided above.

3. Please provide all information held in connection with problem tracking number, W201313223 including details of inspections and copies of photographs taken at the time of inspection.

There are no documents held in connection with problem tracking number, W201313223; a screenshot of this record is available via the link provided.

You will notice some blanked out text in the above documents.  This has been done to remove personal information belonging to other people to which you are not entitled under Regulation 5(3) of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004, as release of this information would breach the principles of the Data Protection Act 2018.