Maintained Early Education and Childcare

How many maintained early education and childcare settings your LA runs and have registered on the Ofsted EYR, in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

March 2015 – 47
March 2016 – 47
March 2017 – 50
March 2018 – 53

The name, address and postcode of maintained settings in your LA on the Ofsted EYR now.

A breakdown of the data requested can be viewed from the link provided. Maintained settings

Of the total maintained settings your LA has in 2018, how many offer
full day-care – 43
sessional care – 10
out of school care – 11

(Provision in maintained nursery SCHOOLS and primary schools should not be included unless it is separate provision registered on the Ofsted EYR).

The following assumption has been made in regard to the above numbers.
Full Day care – 30 Hours open (5 x 6 hour days)
Sessional care – Less than 30 Hours
Out of school care – Greater than 30 Hours