Low emission vehicles and school streets

1. How many road vehicles (vans/minibuses/HGVs/cars/motorbikes) does your local authority currently use either directly or via your contractors

We currently operate a fleet 340 vehicles comprising of cars/small vans/wheelchair accessible cars/MPV/ Minibuses. We would not know how many or what type of vehicles our contractors use, but they are a mix of diesel PCV coaches, petrol and diesel Taxis plus diesel Ambulances. These contractors are used on home to school transport plus we organise NHS transport. In total for this we have 1634 contracts. We also purchase tickets for entitled children on 182 public transport routes.

2. What proportion of these are currently a) zero emissions b) low emissions (ULEZ standard) c) diesel d) pre Euro VI diesel”

We operate 4 electric cars with 60% of the minibuses Euro VI diesel. The remaining fleet is diesel.

3. What proportion of these vehicles are planned to be a) zero emissions by 2030 b) low emissions (ULEZ standard) by 2030?

We are looking at our vehicle replacement programme and very keen to start replacing the cars and vans with electric vehicles next year. However we can not place a figure on this at the moment.

4.Have you signed up to Clean Van Commitment (zero emissions vans by 2028)


4. Are you involved in any Innovate UK vehicle trials?”


3. Have you signed the Clean Bus commitment ? 


7.How many school streets (exclusions zones for cars around schools) are there in your local authority currently – both as a total figure and a percentage of the overall schools, broken down by primary and secondary?


8. How many school streets are there likely to be by 2022 in your local authority both as a total figure and a percentage of the overall schools, broken down by primary and secondary?

The Council is in the very early stages of drafting a proposal paper for internal discussion / scoping the viability for School Streets

9. What is preventing you from establishing more school streets (resources / skill set / finances / local opposition)?

Please refer to the response to Question 8.

10. What estimate have you made of the financial resources needed to implement school streets?

None, therefore we do not hold this information.