Lord Lieutenant


1) Please provide a brief overview of the relationship between your council and the Lord Lieutenant for your county.

The County Council supports the Lieutenancy Office in terms of the administration of the office. The Chief Executive is the Clerk to the Lieutenancy.

2) What facilities/staffing does your council provide for the Lord Lieutenant of your county?

There is one deputy clerk to the Lieutenancy who provides administrative support to the Lord-Lieutenant on a part time basis

3) Please provide details of any money spent on the Lord Lieutenant’s office (including, but not limited to, expenses, mileage etc) in the last year for which a record is available

 Total Spend  Description
 £2370.52  Salaries
 £293.73  Travel and Public Transport
 £1000.75  Catering Costs
 £285.40  Printing Costs
 £423.50  Mobile/Telephone Costs
 £340.23  Misc Expenditure
 £26045.13 Total

And please confirm the name of the Lord Lieutenant at that time.

The Lord-Lieutenant is David Fursdon

4) What department is responsible for the Lord Lieutenant?

The Lieutenancy Office sits within the Legal and communications Section