Looked After Children – Numbers and Accommodation

1.How many Looked After Children (Also known as Children in Care) does the Council currently have?

As at Saturday 6 September 2020, Devon County Council had 808 children who were looked after.

2. How many of these Looked After Children are between the ages of 12 and 15?

227 of these Looked After Children were aged between 12 and 15.

3. How many Care Leavers aged 16-18 does the council currently have?

As at Saturday 6 September 2020, 128 care leavers were aged between 16 and 18.

4. Of these Care Leavers aged 16-18, how many are living in accommodation provided by unregulated private providers?

By taking the accommodation types of ‘Semi-Independent (including supported lodgings), transitional accommodation & self-contained accommodation’ and ‘foyers and similar supported accommodation’ there are a total of 32.

5. Are you able to please provide a list of which unregulated private providers of accommodation to 16-18 year olds that the Council uses?”

Where they best meet the needs of the young person, and where applicable and safe, we have used in the past and have available to use (with full contractual terms and conditions) the following unregulated providers:-

On the Supported Living Options Framework Agreement:

Acorn Independence Ltd
Ambitions Support Ltd
Birchwood Independence Ltd
City of Exeter YMCA
CSM Independence Ltd
Exe-Changes Limited
Fusion Independence Ltd
KPR Care Services Ltd
MJ Support Staffing
Next Step Independence (NSI)
Parallel Independence Ltd.
Westward Housing Group
Young Devon

Providers the Council has used for spot arrangements:-

Abiding Limited T/A Abiding Care & Support
Above Beyond Care
Amber Foundation
247 Bluebell Care
Bornel Care Ltd
Budwood Limited
Devon and Cornwall Housing
Future South West
GBA Care
Higher Level World
ISWP Assessment Services Ltd
Just ONE
Kalm Supported Living
Key 2 Org
Light House Southwest
LiveWest Homes Limited
Modus Care
Monarch Intervention services
Mount Raleigh RCH
Ordinary Living Ltd
Precious Homes Ltd
Reflections Supported Accommodation
Shared Lives SW
Stepping Away from Care (SAFCA) Ltd
Stepping Out Independence
The Creative Outdoor Group
The Halfway Plus
Victory Care Providers
Young Foundations
Young London Today
Your Choice Assisted Living Ltd