Looked after children – externally placed

1.How many children are currently externally placed in the care of other local authorities;

• As at 31st October there were 172 Looked after Children placed outside of the local authority boundary.

2.Please detail the accommodation costs incurred, per annum, per child, by the council in arranging for the child to be externally placed. Please present this information in an entirely anonymised format (e.g. Child A, Child B etc).

Weekly Placement Costs Per Child

Figures provided in the above relate to the net weekly placement costs to Devon County Council for those children as at 31/10/2018. They do not include one off payments, such as incidental costs, that are made to carers or independent providers. The weekly placement cost has been multiplied by 52.14 weeks to calculate the annual cost. There are a handful of out of county children that do not incur a regular weekly placement cost, as they placed for adoption, with parents or in hospital, for example. Where a child is placed as part of a block contract arrangement, an estimated cost has been provided.