Looked After Children

Based on the latest available figures: 

How many Looked After Children, who are in the care of the local authority, are:  

(a) EU (non-UK) citizens 

Devon County Council does not record nationality.  Therefore, this information is not held 

(b) have an Undocumented or Unknown immigration status (including children whose nationality is unknown).

The Council does record immigration status but only in specific circumstances and not generally. As a result, we would have a very significant number of children with an unknown immigration status and without the nationality recorded we cannot provide an accurate answer to these questions.

What plans and provisions does the Local Authority have in place – or is considering – to deal with any Children In Care who will need to obtain Settled Status, as a result of Brexit, if they wish to remain in the UK?  

Please provide details of any plans, analysis or forecasts, including any estimates of the financial cost to the Local Authority, or any reports which have been written about this issue.

The Council currently, does not have any plans in place however this may be considered in the future.