Lone workers – numbers and contracts

Does your organisation have lone workers (HSE definition, someone who works by themselves or without close supervision) ?


How many lone workers does your organisation have?

We do not hold a central record of this information. To extract this information would require the collation of information from individual managers and all maintained schools.  There are 1142 Corporate managers in Devon County Council and 170 maintained schools.   Allowing for no more than 3 minutes per manager would mean that this extraction of information would take 65.6hrs.  This is in excess of the appropriate limit of 18 hours and we are therefore not obliged to provide this information pursuant to s.12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Does your organisation have in place any form of lone working provision, i.e. dedicated device system, smartphone applications, mixture of both?


How many Systems are in place e.g. Applications, Dedicated Devices

We do not hold a central record of this information.  We can confirm that teams are able, with guidance to put in a system that suits their work situation and risk level, but across the Council this will include: whiteboards, online calendars, mobile phones, WhatsApp or similar, lone worker devices.

Do you have an existing contract in place for the above?


When was this awarded and for what duration?

1. August 2020 for 3 years
2. Started in April 2020 and runs for 2 years

Who was the contract awarded to?

1. Orbis
2. PeopleSafe (previously known as Guardian24)

Is there the potential for extending this contract? Will you be applying that extension?

1. Yes there is the potential to extend but too early to say where it will be extended.
2. Not known. If offered, this will be considered.

What was the contract value in total? 

1. £11850
2. £20,486.40

Was the contract tendered through direct competitive tender, a framework, or through G-Cloud provision?

1. Was through procurement process as under value required for competitive tender
2. Exemption from tender following a review of suppliers (only two companies identified as providing 24hr 365day call centre support for emergencies – one was international and one was UK based – the UK based supplier was selected as it has direct access to local police call handling centres).

Which department is responsible for the health, safety and well-being of lone workers e.g. Health & Safety, Department by Department etc.

Individual managers and Head Teachers