Local Government Estates Strategy

Whether your Local Authority has any plans to establish or move any of its municipal offices to new premises or to redevelop existing premises in the coming five years.

Devon County Council do not currently have any plans for relocation or redevelopment of their offices and therefore we do not hold this information.

Whether, as part of an estates strategy, your Local Authority has plans to co-locate with any of the following services;  Central Government Other Local Government (including district or county);  Police services; Fire & Rescue services; Ambulance services; NHS

Devon County Council is working with partner organisation through the ‘One Public Estate’ programme which will explore the potential for co-location. We do not hold any additional information about this issue.

Any further information you have regarding the timescale, floorplan size, cost of the project and staff numbers involved (full time-equivalents) that is not commercially sensitive.

Not applicable see previous response.