Livestock farming prosecution

I request the following information relating to a successful prosecution brought against a livestock farmer by Devon & Somerset Trading Standards Service and recorded in the APHA annual return of expenditure for animal health

A copy of any investigation report(s), or other case document that contains a detailed description of the offences / findings (summarised below), as recorded by investigating officers who attended the farm and / or dealt with the case.

Copies of photographic evidence held that relate to the findings / offences (if possible/available)

Devon Council can confirm that it holds the information you have requested.  However, we are unable to supply this to you as it is exempt from disclosure under Section 30(1) b) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Investigations and Proceedings

Devon County Council recognises that there is a public interest in disclosure of this information; however, disclosure of the data may impact any investigation which is conducted and in the circumstances, may lead to a decision by the council to institute criminal proceedings.  It is for this reason that we feel that the public interest is best served by withholding this information from disclosure.