Live in care packages, placements, providers, cost and contacts

1) The total number of people you have in ‘live in’ care and the number in each of the following client groups: over 65 year old’s, dementia, mental health, physical disabilities and learning disabilities. If you have any placement numbers on any other client categories, not listed above please supply these as well?

11.  A more detailed breakdown would risk identifying the individuals concerned as it would supply their category as well as being over 65.  This would be a disclosure of their personal data and would be a breach of the first data protection principle and this further information is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

2) The current placement numbers, average weekly cost, range of weekly costs and names of providers you have providing services on a spot contract basis?

There are 14 active placements that are funded by DCC (either fully or in part). The average cost per week of these placements is £1,099.57. The range of these placements is from £341.17 p/w to a maximum of £1,596.53 pw. There are ten providers: ACTIVE ASSISTANCE – SEVENOAKS, AGENCY ASSISTANCE, AGINCARE UK WEYMOUTH, ANGEL CARERS (UK) LIMITED, BLUEBIRD CARE EXETER, HELPING HANDS WARWICKSHIRE, LIVE IN CARE

3) The current placement numbers and names of providers you have providing services under any framework or block contracting arrangement? Please provide the average weekly cost, range of weekly costs, any individual annual lot size values and commencement and expiry dates for any current framework and block contracts. Also please provide details of any forthcoming ones?

Please see our answer to question 2 above.

4) The names, job titles, telephone numbers and email addresses of the responsible Commissioning Managers or Brokerage Officers for these placements?

Please see our answer to question 5 below

5) Details of any partnership procurement and contracting arrangements you have with other Local Authorities or CCG’s for ‘live in’ care services?

NHS Devon CCG directly contracts with Live-in care in Devon for health funded individuals and should a prospective provider wish to discuss this further, please email

6) Whether you commission from regulated providers only or introductory ones as well?

When we do rarely buy live in care it is regulated only

7) Any policies/changes to policy on ‘live in’ care, in light of Covid and recent case law changes?