Limers Cross to Langford Lane, Combe Raleigh

Specifically, my query relates to the road from Limers Cross to Langford Lane, Combe Raleigh, Devon.

1) A copy of your current road maintenance policy relating to that road. Please send me the full policy, but this should include details of the intended frequency of road safety inspections, how these inspections should be conducted and the maximum time between identification of a defect and repairs being carried out.

This can be seen viewed online at:Highways Safety Manual

2) A copy of the road repair history for that road over the past year. Again, please send me the full road repair history, but this should include:
– dates of all safety inspections between 1st December 2019 and the 4th March 2020.
– details of how safety inspections were undertaken (walked or driven, speed of inspection vehicle etc)
– details of all carriageway defects identified, with description, date and time
– details of how the authority handled these defects, what repairs were undertaken and the time between the identification of each defect and a repair being carried out.

A copy of the road inspection record, which includes the full detailed repair history can be seen via the link below

Maintenance and inspection record

To further clarify, with reference to the Highway Safety Manual above, this is a Category 6 Local Distributor Road, inspected 6 monthly

The inspections of the carriageway are driven at a slow speed with the inspector as a passenger in the inspection vehicle.

3) Please also send me details for the past year of any claims made against the council for damage to vehicles on this road including the value of claims indicating whether this had been settled or not.

Devon County Council have received 7 claims for damage to vehicles on this road, two of which have settled. The rest have either been repudiated, re-directed to third parties or remain ongoing.   To disclose specific details of any of these claims would potentially identify the claimants and risk a disclosure of their personal data.   This would be a breach of the first data protection principle and this further detail is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.