Library fines and registered users

1. Currently, how much is your authority owed in unpaid library fines?

We do not hold this information. Our contracted providers Libraries Unlimited holds the details but the system they are stored on is being upgraded and the total is not currently available.

2. What is the monetary value of the single biggest library fine currently outstanding, and when was the item’s scheduled return date

Library fines are capped at £5.25. See here for more details.
The longest overdue item was issued 15/02/2010

3. What is the name of this item?

Coco before Chanel, DVD

4. Currently, how many borrowed items are currently overdue in your library system?


5. How many people are library card holders with your authority?

330068 registered users (as of 1 May 2019), of which 131060 were active users, defined as someone who has carried out at least one transaction using their library card/membership number within the previous 12 months.

6. How many people were library card holders 10 years from this date with your authority?

487161 registered users (May 2009), of which 165,616 were active users.