Library Changes since 2015

“I would like to request the following information:

1. How many library service points did you have in 2015? Do you have a list of addresses for those at all?

In 2015, there were 50 Static Libraries and 4 Mobile Libraries.  Please see our responses to questions 2 and 5 below for address details.

2. Please tell me how many library service points you have currently, July 2019, and provide the addresses.

In 2019, there are 50 Static Libraries and 4 Mobile Libraries. Library addresses.

3. How many have been transferred from Council control to the control of volunteers since 2015?


4. Of those, which have had their opening hours reduced since 2015? And can you outline any changes please?


5. Please tell me how many libraries have moved premises since 2015 and provide the former and current address.

Three libraries have moved permanently since 2015.  Their old addresses were:

Bampton Library, Newton Square, Bampton, EX16 9NE

Ottery St Mary Library, Old Town Hall, Ottery St Mary, EX11 1DJ

Ashburton Library, The Old Town Hall, North Street, TQ13 7QH

All current addresses are in the spreadsheet provided within question 2.

Topsham library moved to temporary premises and then moved back again.

6. Please tell me how many new libraries have opened since 2015 (not existing libraries moving to different buildings) and provide addresses.


7. How many library service points are proposed for closure within the next year? Please detail any mobile libraries separately to buildings


8. How many members of staff worked for your libraries service in 2015 (headcount please, not FTE)?

Headcount for the Libraries service in April 2015 was 367.

9. How many members of staff work for your libraries service (headcount please, not FTE) today?

Devon Libraries have been run by Libraries Unlimited since 2016.   Libraries Unlimited are an independent charity who also run the Torbay Library service. Some staff work across both library services and some have multiple roles within Devon. The headcount of staff that work in some capacity for Devon libraries currently is 356.

10. How many volunteers were assisting with the operation of the library service in 2015?


11. How many volunteers assist with the operation of the library service today?