Libraries Unlimited Number of children’s issues 2008-2018

On 25th September the Devon County Council corporate infrastructure scrutiny committee proposed that Libraries Unlimited should in future provide the committee with the Key Performance Indicator of children’s issues.

Therefore, to be able to put the KPI into context, please can you provide the total number of children’s issues at Devon Libraries for each financial year from 2008/09 up to 2017/18.

Loaned items – Stock for children

Year Total
2017/2018 693,071*
2016/2017 755,082
2015/2016 878,169
2014/2015 886,134
2013/2014 881,918
2012/2013 917,141
2011/2012 843,122
2010/2011 892,737
2009/2010 897,830
2008/2009 861,939

*NB Full year data is not available due to the fall-back transition period as part of the installation of a new Library Management System