LED Street Lighting

I would like information for Plymouth and Exeter regarding:

We are unable to supply information relating to Plymouth. You will need to approach Plymouth Council for that information. These figures therefore, are for Exeter only.

1. How many LED streetlights has the council installed in the last five years? any energy efficient street lighting, such as replacing halogen bulbs with LED streetlights?
(Starting from, and including, the 2016-17 financial year)

Approximately 3,300 in the Exeter area.

2. How much did the council spend on running, installing and maintaining LED street lighting in the last five years?
(Starting from, and including, the 2016-17 financial year)

Devon County Council has a countywide contract with SSE Contracting for maintenance, and does have separate information on this to determine the cost of Exeter alone or for just the LED lighting in  Exeter.

3. How many complaints were received in relation to energy efficient street lighting, if any in the last five years – from January 1st, 2016-present?

It is not possible to determine whether there have been actual complaints that relate to this specific area and this specific topic, but there have been a few questions generally raised about the use of LED lighting in the county, including discussions with a pressure group, and where there have been requests for shields, these have normally been provided.

4. To the nearest £100, how much money has the Council saved per month in 2020-21, from the installation of energy efficient street lighting?

It is not possible to determine to that level of accuracy given the very large and varied inventory Devon County Council has, however energy savings are around 50% from those lanterns previously installed, whilst offering fewer maintenance issues, very competitive lantern prices, improved warranties, and a greater control of light output. However in 2013/14 we were spending £3.578m on street lighting energy in the county of Devon, and in 20/21 we were spending £2.621m, which taking inflation into account means that the County is currently saving over £2m per year in energy costs.

5. Please provide an estimate for when the council expects to have switched all streetlights to energy efficient street lighting.

The target date for completion is within the next 18 to 24 months.