Land charge searches – August 2018, 2019 and 2020

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 request the following information from whomever deals with local authority search (also known as local land charges search) enquiries from solicitors, as part of the conveyancing process.

1. Your current waiting/turnaround time for a local authority search (also known as local land charges search) enquiry to be completed.
If feasible, we would like a waiting time for each type of search (LLC1, CON29, CON290). If this is not possible, a waiting time for all search types is fine.

Devon County Council is the Highway Authority and Commons Registration Authority. We respond to the highway, common land and town village green questions on the Con29R/O enquiries for the District Councils within Devon County Council’s jurisdiction. Our turnaround time for all Con29 enquiries to the District or City Councils is 24 hours. The District or City Council will collate the responses and return to the Solicitor/Conveyancer.  We therefore recommend that you contact these authorities for further information.  Their contact details can be found on our website at: Neighbouring authorities

2. Data on how many of these searches you completed in these months:
* August 2018
* August 2019
* August 2020
In this instance, we only need one total search figure per month stated (not figures for LLC1, CON29, CON290). If historic data is not available, then a figure just for August 2020 if fine.

The number of enquires completed for the District Councils are as follows: –
August 2018 – 1493 Con29R/O enquiries
August 2019 – 1370 Con29R/O enquiries
August 2020 – 1699 Con29R/O enquiries