Kentisbury and Trentishoe potholes

1. I would like to know the GPS locations of all potholes filled on 2nd November 2018 and again on 2nd January 2019. The area of interest is within Kentisbury and Trentishoe Parish Council, North Devon.

Please see the table available via the link below:


Please note that the GPS co-ordinates have been converted from the original Eastings / Northings. Please note that GPS locations for the public reported defects are based on the position where the customer clicks on the map to report a pothole or other hazard. For the Inspected defects these GPS positions are collected on site when the inspector logs the defect via their tablet.

2. Can you please advise on how Skanska is reimbursed for pothole repairs.

We can confirm that Skanska are currently reimbursed for pothole repairs dependent on the source of the original report.

If reported by the public the repairs are paid for under a cost reimbursable rate (day works and material costs). If, alternatively, the defect is reported through the formal safety inspection potholes are paid for under an individual item rate with uplifts for response times determined by the risk assessment.

3. Can you please also advise on what systems are in place to confirm that pothole repairs reported to you by Skanska have actually been done

A random system of audit is in place where a number of defects are checked for timeliness of repair and quality of repair. This is 5% of all defect repair types.