Ivybridge Community College 2017-2020

Under Freedom of Information, please can you provide details for the numbers contained within each of the individual year groups (7 in total) at the mid-point in September, for each of the following years :
* 2017
* 2018
* 2019
* 2020

The information can be found online at:  School Census

To find the information for the Autumn Term 2017, 2018 and 2019, filter the spreadsheets to show Ivybridge Community College.

However, the census data for 2020 is not available on the web site as this was not done in the Spring due to Covid-19.  We can therefore further confirm that the total for the 2020 year groups was as follows:

Year 7: 299
Year 8: 419
Year 9: 413
Year 10: 413
Year 11: 410
Year 12: 259
Year 13: 235


I would also like to ask the question why did ICC or WesT not consider alternative provision of accommodation such as the Watermark, the Leisure Centre or via the acquisition of mobile classrooms or industrial units during the summer. Under due diligence, can you please supply a copy of the research undertaken in relation to alternative facilities offsite or temporary accommodation to be brought on site?

I would also like you to supply me with full copies of the risk assessments that highlighted the risk to 6th form students of not being taught face to face.

Devon County Council does not hold this information and we recommend that you contact Ivybridge Community College direct for this information.   Their contact detail can be found on their own website at: Ivybridge