Ivybridge community college

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please supply the following:-

1. Net capacity of Ivybridge community college from 2012-2018

The net capacity reported in the SCAP (School Capacity and Planning) returns by Devon County Council has been 2300 for the years 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016.

For 2016-2017 the net capacity reported was 2732.

The SCAP return for 2017-2018 has not been done yet but we can confirm that the net capacity as at 07/03/2018 is 2732.

2. Pupil population of Ivybridge community college from 2012-2018

3. Number of teachers at Ivybridge community college 2012-2018

Information on pupil population and school workforce is published by the Department of Education in their performance tables webpage. The link below will provide Ivybridge’s data, with a ‘historical information’ option at the bottom of the webpage; This can therefore be viewed online at: