IT products

Answering for A-F on questions 1-8.

a) Photocopiers/MFDs (Multi-Functional Device)
b) Printers
c) Print room / reprographic
d) Desktops
e) Laptops
f) Displays

Q1. Please name all the IT resellers that you have contacts with and buy from.  

Various peripheral devices are purchased from BT DIRECT, INSIGHT, CANNINGS, CENTERPRISE, COMPUTACENTER, NET CONNECTION, SBL, SCC Document Services.

The current hardware supplier is Stone Group, Granite One Hundred, Acton Gate, Stafford, Staffordshire ST18 9AA

Q2. What is the length of the contracts, more specifically their end date, with the named IT resellers in question 1.  

Most contracts are open-ended, the contract for supply of desktop and laptop hardware ends in September 2021, the contract for MFD supply maintenance and consumables ends in August 2022.

Q3. What year and month is the next hardware refresh due?  

The next hardware refresh has not been scheduled. The scope, format and timing is due to be considered in the first quarter of 2021/22 as part of the Devon County Council ICT Roadmap

Q4. Please name the number of devices deployed by Council?  

The number laptops, desktop PCs, tablets, and MFDs deployed totals 5438. We do not keep a separate record of displays.

Q5. In reply to question 4, which department/facility are those located?

We do not hold a record of which department devices are deployed to

Q6. Please name the brand and model of the devices mentioned and the spend for each product.  

The devices current deployed appear in the table below. We do not hold a central record of the spend for each product. To obtain this information would require an individual review of the 5,438 devices referred to in our response to the earlier question. Allowing for a 5-minute review for each purchase, this would take approximately 453 hours.  This is in excess of the appropriate limit of 18 hours and, therefore, pursuant to s.12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we are not obliged to provide this information

Device name
Apple iPads
Ricoh MFD (various)
Stone standard desktop
Lenovo devices:
Desktops – M700 & M73
L13 Yoga
Yoga 260
X390 Yoga
Microsoft Surface Pro

Q7. Details on how these were procured. i.e. By Framework i. Procurement method ii. If Framework, please state which one.  

Contract for supply of devices detailed in Q4 was procured by tender. Tenders are published online at

Q8. Do you normally purchase equipment as services or as a capital?  

Bulk device purchases are generally capital expenditure. Ad-hoc purchases are usually revenue

Q9. What is your annual print/copy volume and spend?

For the last reported period (Oct-19 – Sep 20) the copy volume was 8,672,062 and the cost was £105,287.82

Q10. Who is the person(s) within your organization responsible for the MFD’s, print hardware, and supplies contract(s)? Please provide their title and their contact details.

Roger Jenkins, Scomis End User Computing Manager, email:

Q11. Who is responsible for purchasing end user devices such as laptops, desktops, displays and accessories? Please provide their title, and their contact details. 

Roger Jenkins, Scomis End User Computing Manager, email: