IT Department – equipment, contracts, users and cost

1. Do you have an IT department?

Devon County Council operate a commissioning/delivery model with ICT Commissioning on the commissioning side and Scomis on the delivery side.

2. Does the IT department manage the servicedesk(s) ‘ if not, which department is responsible?

Scomis manage the main ICT Service Desk, Education Service Desk and Customer Service Centre

3. Who specifically manages the helpdesk/servicedesk? (Contact name, details)?

Scomis: ICT Service Desk & Education Service Desk, contact: Scomis Service Desk Manager, Great Moor House, Bittern Road, Exeter, EX2 7NL

4. What IT helpdesk tool(s) is/are in use (eg. SpiceWorks, Freshdesk, etc) if not, how is your IT managed?

Hornbill SupportWorks & Ivanti Service Manager

5. What is the price per annum of said helpdesk tool(s)?

Hornbill SupportWorks – We do not hold this information as this service is being decommissioned

Ivanti – Approximately £64,000.

6. What is the annual budget available for helpdesk tool(s)?

WIth reference to the answer provided to question 5 above, the budgeted sums covers annual subscription requirements

7. What are the requirements of the IT team; or, what the tool(s) is/are used for?

Different elements of logging/managing service requests and incidents, change management & self-service

8. What are the redeeming qualities of the tool(s) (and negative qualities)?

Comprehensive functionality chosen to match our requirements

9. What is the start date, length and review date of the contract with the helpdesk tool(s)?

ICT Service Desk: Ivanti start date April 2019 for the period of 24 months, with an option to extend for a further two periods of 12 months each
Education Service Desk: Hornbill SupportWorks – support contract previously reviewed annually

10. How many operators currently use the ITSM tool?

Ivanti – 150 maximum across ICT Service Desk & Education Service Desk
Hornbill SupportWorks – approx. 40 which are being decommissioned

11. How many end users currently use the ITSM tool?

ICT Service Desk & Education Service Desk – available to all DCC staff and support staff at 750+ schools.  We do not hold the information of the total number of end users.