Invoice payments for transport suppliers

This data should relate to invoices submitted by suppliers of passenger transport only ‘ if it is not possible to segment this within your systems please provide invoice details for supplier names that contain the following words – ‘taxi’, ‘cars’, ‘cab’, ‘private hire’, ‘minibus’, ‘coach’, ‘transport’
Invoice payment data for all transport suppliers, paid from April 1 2015 ‘ June 30 2020 to include the following for each invoice:
Mandatory Requirement:
Supplier name
Invoice date (date on invoice)
Date invoice was paid
Invoice gross value

Optional Requirement (please provided if available in the same report)
Invoice number (your system reference)
Supplier invoice number
Supplier number (your system reference)
Invoice net value
Invoice VAT value

During the five year period you refer to, over 120,000 payments have been made to contractor.  Allowing ten minutes for an individual review of each payment to establish which payments meet the criteria set out in the request, we estimate that it would take approximately 20,000 hours to extract this information.

This is excessive and is beyond the appropriate time limit of 18 hours.  We are therefore not obliged to provide this information pursuant to s.12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

If you are able to forward a request which is more refined by subject and date range, we may be able to be of assistance.

By way of advice and assistance, all payments made to contractors over £500 are published online and can be found at:

Spending over £500