Interpretation Services

1) From 1st January 2017 ‘ 31st December 2017 how much did the council spend of interpreting services?

Devon County Council do not maintain a central budget for these services and therefore do not hold this information

2) Do you service interpreting requirements in-house or do you outsource to a third party company?


3) If you use a third party to service interpreting requirement
a. What is the name of the organisation you outsource to?

Devon County Council hold one contract with Signs Solutions but a significant volume of work is spot purchased.

b. is the interpreting services provision contracted under a OJUE/Framework or is the service provided off contract?


c. if contracted what OJUE/Framework contract is the council accessing and when does the contract expire?

As confirmed above, there is a single contract which is due to expire on 31st July 2020 with an optional one year extension

d. please provide both dates if telephone and face to face interpreting are contracted separately

There is no further contract.

4) Who is the senior responsible officer for interpreting services at the council?

We don’t have a senior responsible officer for interpreting services. Any interest can be registered via the website