Intelligent Automation (IA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

1. Does your organization presently use and/or endorse Inteligent Automation (IA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate manual, rule-based processes?

Yes We have a licence for an RPA system but do not have an automation process in a production environment.

1.3 – If the answer is YES ‘ RPA/IA is currently being used in the organisation – could you please detail ‘

1.3.1 – The system type/name/supplier

RPA system/ Vysiion Automation/Vysiion

1.3.2 – What it is used for (or has been used for) and by what department, examples below ‘

ð Out Patients clinics
ð Data Migration
ð Waiting Lists
ð Referral to Treatment times, (RTT)
ð Other (please comment) –

We are looking at the automatic discard of incoming addresses and carer data where this matches existing data.


1.3.3 – How did the existing human workforce react to tasks being replaced by automation?

ð Good, they welcomed the changes
ð Bad, they felt threatened
ð Indifferent
ð Not sure ‘ no feedback
ð Other ‘ please comment

It is expected that automation will supplement the existing workforce to help deal with backlogs


1.3 4 – When did your RPA/ IA system come into use and when does the contract expires?

The RPA is not live. The software licence expires in Sept 19.


1.3.5 – How much does this new technology costs the organisation and how many robots do you use &/or processes run?

We have a licence for 1 Virtual Worker and 2 processes. Whilst we acknowledge the need to be transparent, we consider that disclosure of the costs would potentially prejudice any forthcoming arrangements and therefore the commercial interests of Devon County Council.  We therefore consider this information to be exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.43 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

1.3.6 – Has there been any analysis of the system, (&/or case studies) to demonstrate any benefits so far- either operationally, financially, managerially or in any other capacity?

No – the system is not yet live

2. Who is the main person(s)/ decision maker (s)or team ‘ who would probably be responsible (or is responsible) for the decision to use RPA/IA in your organisation – Name/title/ contact details

Any information can be found online at: