Installation of Gabions at Atkinson Children’s Home


“Exeter Council Tree Preservation Order 07/0871/04 summarises an inspection of the mature oak trees behind Atkinson Children’s Home, EX4 8NS and opposite 115 Roundtable Meet, EX4 8LG. This tree inspection took place in April 2007, shortly after what is referred to as Oak Tree 5 falling into the back garden of 115 Roundtable Meet and causing damage to the back garden of that property.  I believe that Devon County Council, as owner of Atkinson Children’s home, was responsible for maintaining these oak trees.

115 Roundtable Meet has gabions installed at the end of the back garden that I believe were installed by Devon Council to repair damage caused when Tree 5 fell. I am now looking for the following information:

Who carried out installation of gabions at the end of 115 Roundtable Meet? This would have been between April 2007 and April 2009.

Who paid for this installation?

When was this work completed?

Who signed off the gabion solution as being acceptable? Which organisation signed off this solution?”


The Council has conducted comprehensive searches of its records for the requested information, including reviewing files held by NPS South West (who have acted as the Council’s property consultants since 2007), our Environment Team and the Atkinson Children’s home itself.  There does not appear to be any information held. This could be due to the length of time that has passed since the installation of the gabions.

We are sorry we are unable to be of further assistance on this occasion.