Installation and Cleaning of gullies at Little Ullcombe.

Could you please provide the maintenance cleaning attendance sheets for gullies for the last three years in Little Ullcombe, the Devon County Council procedure states the gullies are cleaned once a year

Gullies were installed at Little Ullcombe (EX14 9PA) many years ago; can you advise when these were installed and by whose authority. This was once a ford and was changed at some point in time.

Our electronic records indicate that gully inspections were undertaken in this area on the 21/22 July 2020, 13 May 2019 & 16 April 2018 over the past 3 year period.

Unfortunately, we have no record as to when these gullies were constructed.

More information about when a gully was last cleaned can be found by accessing the interactive map on this Devon County Council webpage.