Initial Fault Report Information

Please provide the initial fault report information that was provided under the 3 reference numbers given below:

1) Enquiry reference W201365907 relating to Defective Road Markings/Signs (Defective Signs) was reported on 26 Oct 2020

Please see W201365907 for information

2) Enquiry reference ENQ211384920 relating to Highway Comments (Enquiry) was reported on 13 Jan 2021

There are regularly fresh tyre marks from vehicles trying to drive down this pedestrian only footpath. As the path narrows, the walls of  adjoining properties are at risk of being damaged from high-sided vehicles.

3) Enquiry reference ENQ211424427 relating to Highway Comments (Enquiry) was reported on 27 May 2021

The “no through road sign” at the entrance to Penton Lane has not been maintained and is unreadable. Pedestrian right of way signage, at the point Penton Lane meets Penton Lynch, is completely inadequate.

The problem of damage to the cob walls of the properties adjoining Penton Lynch. This is caused by large, tall, delivery vehicles driving on the footpath.