Deceased with no next of kin

I am writing to you from Thames Probate Ltd, a leading probate genealogy and research company. We offer a free of charge Administrator Search Service for cases where the deceased has no Will or known next of kin.

I would like to request details for departments where they will have to deal with someone passing away leaving no known next-of-kin. The type of departments that we have dealt with in other councils are Elderly People Services, Elderly care, Health and social care. I appreciate that these may not be the names of your departments though.

Please can you provide me with contact details for a person within the relevant departments and give me an indication of how many cases of this nature that you deal with each year.

Please see the link to the relevant information on the treasury solicitors data page – there is a link to a spreadsheet containing the information currently available to answer your question.

From the list you provided, the information below is not held.

  • Estate Value
  • Maiden Names
  • Places of Birth
  • Clients managed by specific Teams

In addition full marital status at death cannot be determined from the information available.

Public health funerals are carried out by District and Unitary Councils – please contact them directly for that information using the details on the link provided.

Please be advised that we have not added any new cases to our current list and no cases have been added during the period 01/01/2017 to date