Information and Network Security

1. Please confirm who is responsible for information and/or network security?

Devon County Council’s Data Protection officer is responsible for information security. ( ) Scomis is the in house ICT department who is responsible for operational network security.  Further information can be found on their website at:

2.  Do you have any planned network/information security projects

We have interpreted your reference to projects to mean procurements; suppliers can register for free notification of procurements at and all information regarding future projects and procurements will therefore be made available.

3. Please confirm the number of council offices?

There are around 80 council offices on our Wide Area Network (WAN) of which 42 have a WiFi provision

4. Please confirm who is responsible for selecting / managing and operating your WiFi network?

Scomis is the house ICT department responsible for operational IT

5. Please list existing WiFi vendor(s) that are currently deployed?

Cisco (Meraki)

6. Please confirm when the WiFi networks were first installed?

Current vendor was deployed during 2018

7. Please state the number of access points deployed by each vendor?

250 across 42 sites of varying size

8. Do you have any planned projects relating to your core network / edge, fixed / WiFi network access, SD WAN or data center?

Please refer to our response to question 2 above.

9. How do you manage your WiFi users quality of experience currently?

Using vendor provided tools

10. Are you able to remotely diagnose individual WiFi user problems prior to any complaints being raised?


11. Are you as a Regulatory body responsible for providing Wireless Solutions in to the Primary and Secondary Schools within the Councils Region?

No, Devon is not a prescriptive Local Authority meaning the schools manage their own budgets and procurement decisions in relation to ICT Provision