Incentivised green travel

I am requesting the following information under the Freedom of Information Act. Please can you answer the following questions in writing.

Does the council have any measures which incentivize the use of low-emission vehicles such as reductions in parking permit costs or parking charges?
What is the incentive? If money is saved, please state the amount.
What criteria does the vehicle need to meet to qualify for the discount?
How many individual vehicles have used the scheme in each of the years since it has been in place? This can be financial or calendar years.

The Council does not currently have any measures in place to incentivise the use of low-emission vehicles; however as part of the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan work, we will be developing a transport strategy, which will include low-carbon transport interventions to help deliver better environmental outcomes.

As a large employer, the Council recognises the impact that staff travel to work can have on the transport network and environment and as such we have a Travel Plan which sets out a strategy for the encouragement of sustainable modes of travel. The Travel Plan includes charging for staff parking and requiring staff not to drive to County Hall on 2 out of 5 working days. The funds generated by the Travel Plan enables incentives to increase staff travelling by alternative modes to the car, e.g. by cycle, public transport or on foot. These incentives include discounted bus travel, cycle mileage and the option to join a cycle to work scheme. In addition, the Council has four electric vehicles that can be used for business travel.