ICT systems for adult and childrens social care

Q1.Which IT systems are used in the department specifically to provide core case management systems and any other supporting software holding information on individuals supported by your adults/children care services? For example, document management, RAS etc. Please provide name of system, supplier and type. e.g. core case management system, electronic document management etc.

CareFirst (adults) & Eclipse (childrens) – case management system.

Q2. For each system identified in Q1 please could you let us know how many users there are?


Q3. For each system identified in Q1 please could you let us know when each of these systems were first implemented and how much has been spent on them each year for the last 5 years? Please breakdown the total cost of each into licence fees, annual support, professional services (training, implementation, consulting etc).

Eclipse (Adopt South West) went live – 01/10/2018 & Eclipse (Children’s Services) went live – 21/01/2019.

Our arrangements for this system have evolved over the time period in line with strategy, to cover further professional services such as cloud hosting.The figures in the table below are overall annual costs which include the elements requested.  We believe that if competitors obtained details of licensing costs and hourly / daily rates it would enable them to price work accordingly and obtain a competitive advantage. This information is therefore exempt under the Freedom of information Act 2000 Section 43 (2) Commercial interests. As this is a qualified exemption we are obliged to carry out a public interest test. There is a public interest in being open and accountable but there is also a strong public interest in obtaining value for money and protecting the public finances so on balance we consider the application of the exemption to be justified. We do not hold information about the separate costs for adult and childrens services.

Year  Amount spent £
2014 – 2015 214.313.48
2015 – 2016 243.166.01
2016 – 2017 380.704.57
2017 – 2018 435.300.70
2018 – 2019 486.790.92

Q4. For each system identified in Q1 please could you let us know what the length of the current contract is and the date the contract ends?

CareFirst  – 3 year contract ending 31st March 2022

At the end of the current term of Eclipse, Devon will move into a rolling 12 month contract or seek to extend the contract through a compliant framework.