ICT systems and Technologies and Employee Disabilities

“1. Do you have a digital inclusion and accessibility strategy for employees?

Yes – digital inclusion and accessibility strategy

2. What percentage of your employees have a mental or physical disability?
None; 1-5%; 6-10%; 11-15%; 16 -20%; 21- 25%;
25%+; Don’t know 

We do not hold this information.  We record disability, but only where the information has been voluntarily provided, and not whether it is mental or physical.

3. Do you currently deploy any assistive technologies to support accessibility and digital inclusion in the workplace?


4.Which of the following assistive technologies do you make available? (Indicate all that apply)
· Screen magnifiers (e.g. ZoomText)
· Screen readers (e.g. JAWS, NVDA)
· Speech recognition tools (e.g. Dragon)
· Coloured screen overlays/screen filters
· Closed captioning
· Live-call transcription
· Dictation tools
· Alt text on images
· Accessible templates
· We don’t use any
· Other

From a centrally controlled ICT perspective please see responses provided in the table below.  Given the nature of the multiple different solutions to the listed assistive technologies, there may well be solutions in use within Devon County Council (DCC) which are not centrally recorded.

Assistive Technology Response Additional information
Screen magnifiers (e.g. ZoomText) No No software that is centrally purchased and managed, however there are physical devices which may be individually used.
Screen readers (e.g. JAWS, NVDA) Yes JAWS & NVDA
Speech recognition tools (e.g. Dragon) Yes Dragon Dictate & ODMS.  However, there may be other physical devices in use which are not recorded centrally.
Coloured screen overlays/screen filters Yes This is up to individuals to employ as they see fit.
Closed captioning No  
Live-call transcription No  
Dictation tools Yes Legal DSS Player & NEAL Transcription Player.
Alt text on images Yes
Accessible templates Probably We expect that there are various accessible templates in use by individual teams, but this information is not held centrally.
Other Yes

We are aware of the following other software in use:

Global Auto Correct, Photo Symbols, Read & Write Gold, Claro Read – assistive technologies for help with reading and writing

Lenovo WRITE it & FireShot – annotation tools.

Are you planning to invest in making your IT systems more accessible in the next 12 months?
Yes, we expect any new or upgraded system to meet accessibility standards as published in our Technical Standards and assess them against this requirement.

Are there accessibility options on your website for downloadable content e.g. large print, audio screen reader, provided to citizens/site visitors?
Yes – Accessibility

If not, do you have plans to implement them in the next 12 months:

Already in place.

Have you faced technology challenges when trying to make your IT systems more accessible for employees?”

Yes, especially when they are not web based.